Hello World!

My name is Jonathan Cruz, I graduated from California State University of  San Marcos in May 2016 with a bachelors in Computer Science.I have always been interested and curious about technology,
and fascinated of its rapid growth in becoming part of everyone’s life. Freshman year of college, I was unsure what to major in: it was between Math, Business, or Computer Science. So I took classes for all of them and at the end I decided to continue with Computer Science and I’m glad I did.

Joining the Mob!

“Nice application you got here. Be a shame if any thing happened to it”

While I was applying for my first job, I came across an Eventbrite Workshop for Mob Programming by Woody Zuil. I was interested in learning but most importantly, were they hiring? After the workshop I spoke with Chris Lucian, Director of Software Development and he mentioned there was an opening for an Associative Software Engineer. I applied, studied all the materials HR sent me, had my interview and got the job 🙂

Working at Hunter Industries as a Mob Programmer for my first job has been amazing. Being able to Mob with Senior Engineers, being involved in learning sessions, going to conferences and working in a great work environment……. I couldn’t ask for more.